Janet Klug

I am 6 months into recovering from breast cancer surgery, chemo, and radiation. I have checked out okay.  I was about to start chemo when Deloris told me to place a post it note on the chemo bags saying For Wellness and Health, Love and Light.  Of which I did each time I would go for treatments and never thought of anything but that during the treatment and afterwards. It helped me get through the treatments and set my mind and spirit in the right direction of thinking wellness and heath, with the added energy of Love and Light.  I did the same for when I was going through radiation.  I plan to continue to have good news each check-up. I use the same message when blessing my food.  I am thankful Deloris appeared when I needed her. She helped me get through the treatments with those simple words.  I use them when I take a pill too. She is admired and respected by many, including me.