Shonna Jordan

Our group had such a positive response when Dr. Dolores spoke. One of our attendees actually said, ‘I could listen to her all day!’ Another commented on how amazing she

Dr. Kimberley Bell

When I scheduled a healing session with Dolores, I was not sure exactly what to expect. I went with an open mind and the courage to heal. Her gifts and

Diane Cramer

Dr. Dolores Fazzino is both supportive and insightful.  She is truly gifted with incredible psychic gifts.  She has an amazing ability to see into another person’s psyche.  Her advice is

Pete Diver

Dolores Fazzino is a highly talented and powerful coach and healer.  My work with her quickly revealed blocks, resistance, and very startling awarenesses that serve well to illuminate the next

Stacy Michelle

My session with Dolores was so powerful on many levels. The John of God crystal bed session was extremely healing as I was looking for a new modality to support

Janet Klug

I am 6 months into recovering from breast cancer surgery, chemo, and radiation. I have checked out okay.  I was about to start chemo when Deloris told me to place