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Breathing New Life into Health & Wellness
Change your thoughts about surgery, heal in ways you never thought possible.
Surgery can be a scary situation with many unknowns. Prepared patients heal faster, have less anxiety, and recover EVEN quicker!
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About Recovering Healthcare

Our current healthcare system is laden with gaps in the delivery of care to not only patients, but to those who provide the care. Within those “gaps” are infinite possibilities and solutions, often in ways you never thought possible, and even showing up in a different way. Dr. Fazzino created Recovering Healthcare as a platform to offer solutions to bridge those gaps in healthcare.

In your lifetime, have you witnessed a tremendous advancement in technology?
In particular, the way healthcare is delivered? Does it feel like something is missing? With the many gaps in healthcare, the personal connection has changed, and not for the better.


What are they saying about Dr. Dolores Fazzino?

The difference lies in taking ownership of YOUR health and wellness.

THE MISSION – Recovering Healthcare reintroduces the lost art of compassionate connection through empowering ownership of health and wellness as well as teaching healthcare providers how to enhance their bond with patients, improving the quality of patient care.