Prepare for a Successful Surgery Training

Know what to Expect, be Prepared, and Face your Surgery with Confidence

Surgery can be a scary situation with many unknowns. Prepared patients heal faster, have less anxiety, and recover EVEN quicker!

With this Prepare for a Successful Surgery Training, you’ll know exactly what to expect before, during and after surgery. Dr. Dolores walks you through the process to help you:

  • Get Your Mind and Body Ready for Surgery
  • Prepare for the Best Results and Outcomes
  • Overcome the Anxiety and Stress
  • Ask the Right Questions of Your Surgery Team
  • Recover EVEN Faster and Return to Your Life Quicker!


You get immediate access to three 20-minute videos that lead you through:

  • What to do before surgery
  • What to do during surgery
  • What to do after surgery

BONUS: Free Guided Meditation for a Successful Surgery
A personalized, 40- minute consultation with Dr. Dolores.

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