dolores-fazzino-mount-shasta-retreart-2019THE 5 PILLARS OF EXTREME SELF CARE
MAY 15 – 20, 2019 Mt. Shasta Retreat

A Retreat for Healing In Ways You Never Thought Possible

Put your own oxygen mask on before helping others. Do you practice this when it comes to your own health and wellness? You Should….

This 5-day Mt. Shasta Retreat featured:

  • Dolores’ 40-year combined medical and intuitive healing wisdom
  • Realignment of your body-mind-spirit connection to heal at the core level
  • Education of practical and simple tools to communicate with your Inner Physician
  • The ability to Transform the patterns that sabotage your health and well-being
  • Engaging in deep atonements, activations, and energetic clearings
  • Reclaim your power and reconnect with your purpose
  • Come away with a 30-Day Deep-Healing Action Plan


VIP Personal Retreat Days

Are you needing some individual TLC,
nurturing or guidance?

Dr. Dolores offers private full day Personalized Intensive Retreat Days customized to your individual needs to nourish your body, mind and soul.

The full 8-hour day included:

  • Entrance ritual upon arriving at the retreat center.
  • Powerful intuitive counseling, uniquely tuned to the yearnings of your soul.
  • One-Hour Session on the Crystal bed, followed by processing and journaling as needed
  • Beautiful Journal chosen just for you
  • Delicious, lovingly prepared lunch to enjoy while basking in the regenerative energy and the comfortable environment of this private healing retreat center.
  • Personalized experiential processes
  • Exit ritual

One of the following options were provided as a Bonus:

    • Mani/Pedi
    • Half hour massage
    • 40 minute individual yoga session


Radiant Soul Retreat

Who is this retreat for:
Professional, Executive, Corporate, Entrepreneurial Women, Like You!

You are a smart, high-achieving, busy woman and you know there is more to life than what you’ve been living. Maybe you have the outward success: the relationship, the kids, a great job, financial abundance, and life seems fine, but somehow, you feel that your life took a detour.

Your current life isn’t how you expected it to be or if life feels pretty good you’re ready for it to be extraordinary. You feel the need to cut out the noise in your life and listen to yourself and to uncover what’s next for you.

This retreat is an immersive, deep dive, into your soul to allow you to connect deeply with your calling, to uncover your most sacred Truths and to carve a new path that excites and inspires you.

You will leave the retreat clear on how to create your vibrant life so that it is meaningful, purposeful, and joyful.

This is a sacred place for you to turn off outside expectations and demands and for you to listen to your Truth and to create a life on your own terms.

The good news is that creating a meaningful and vibrant life that lights you up doesn’t have to take you years or cost thousands of dollars.

You are not broken. All you need is to realign, to reset, and get you back to you, and then the magic will happen!

This is a journey to quiet your mind, restore your body and to reconnect to your soul.


Monthly Healing and Message Circle

Spiritual Wellness for Life Monthly Healing and Message Circle

The Meet-Up group through meditation assists in our healing process whether it is physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual concern.

Through group meditation, the amazing healing energies of the Spiritual Medical Teams (Yes, they do exist!) are called in to assist with healing of physical ailments, stress, financial concerns, relationship issues, and other challenges of those present.

Through channeling and medium-ship, the energies of the higher realms, including Angels, Saints, Source, and the Medical Teams of the Spirit World, are called forth to assist with healing and individualized messages for the greatest good of all in attendance.

We are in a time of great Manifestation and Miracles!

I witness miracles everyday! Just look around, miracles are everywhere. And in case you’ve forgotten, you too are a miracle!

Join us for an EXTRAORDINARY evening of Healing and Love!!

The group meets weekly, the first Wednesday of the Month from 7PM to 10 PM


The Art of “BEING” in a “Doing” World Series

Self-Care for the Soul
An Afternoon to Retreat, Rest, and Heal

In this monthly event, take a deeper dive to connect with yourself!

Experience a guided group meditation and message healing circle with an intimate group limited to 7 individuals.

Includes a 30 min John of God Crystal Light Bed Session and a personalized Blue Print for your next steps for your self-care.

Meets  Monthly on the 2nd Saturday of the Month from 1 PM to 5 PM.


For more information, pricing and to book your Retreat Day, contact Dr. Dolores at