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The Art of “Allowing” in a “Doing” World

Are you driven by what you do? Have you completely lost track of who you allow yourself to be? Most people are caught up on the treadmill of doing in life rather than allowing themselves to be who they really are and live the life they really want. Guilt, shame, obligation and expectations of others are just a few of the reasons why we are constantly doing and seeking confirmation and accolades from outside ourselves. Through story, conceptual and experiential processes, you will be:

  • Inspired by the real stories of others who have come into alignment, and balance.
  • Equipped with the knowledge of how the mind, body, and soul work together to create wellness.
  • Allow yourself to experience a true state of “Being” and learn how to recreate it for yourself.

Personal Empowerment

Do you believe you can heal yourself? Or that you have the right to be part of your healthcare experience? Many people give their power away to those who have a medical degree or those who they have decided, for whatever reason, know what’s better for them. Healing is multi-faceted. The body, mind, emotional and spiritual connection is real!  You will be inspired to:

  • Learn more about your own power and inner wisdom.
  • Learn techniques to reconnect to your inner guidance.
  • Confidently take your next steps in collaboration with those who care for you as you regain control of your personal power.

Change your thoughts about wellness. Heal in ways you never thought possible through Self-Advocacy.

Are you someone who believes that only the paid healthcare providers know what is best for you when you need care?  Do you know that the body-mind-emotion-spirit connection IS the way to complete health and healing? Most people focus only on the physical. There are actually four facets of total health. You will learn to:

  • Gain more confidence to make the right choices for yourself.
  • Create your own healing blueprint.
  • Formulate your multi-faceted action plan

Spirit-Filled Healing

Are you hearing voices? Is it that still small voice that somehow knows exactly what is right for you at any given moment? That subtle voice is your personal connection to your higher self and to God or the Universe. It’s your intuition… pay attention and listen to it. It will open you up for healing in ways you never thought were possible.  Get ready to:

  • Learn to become familiar with your intuitive nature.
  • Recognize the difference between mind chatter and the subtle voice of direction from your higher self/God/ Universe.
  • Embrace the power of Spirit as part of your health and wellbeing.

Spiritual Wellness for Life

Are you struggling with your relationships, your job, and or finances? Are you ready to experience more joy, fulfillment, and abundance in your life? Happiness is an inside job! No one else, but you is responsible for your happiness. Create more happiness and joy from within. Reconnect to yourself and belief system to open up a world of new opportunities and allow yourseslf to flow through life with grace and ease.

Learn How To

  • Remove limiting beliefs preventing you from having a fulfilling life
  • Create the fulfillment you desire and deserve
  • Become centered within yourself
  • Weather the storms of life with grace and ease
  • Empower yourself to become the best you.
  • Create a ripple effect causing others to want to do the same

Spirituality is the glue that holds the body, mind, and soul together.
– Dr. Dolores Fazzino

Bridging Spirituality with Physical Health

You might wonder how and why spirituality is important and what does it have to do with physical health?  The body, mind, and soul are connected to and influence each other. The essence that connects them together is Spirituality. Without spirituality, live tends to be colorless, lifeless, and possibly meaningless. Spirituality is the extra zest that is added to life to enhance and fulfill our experiences and life lessons.

Learn How To

  • Define and understand the difference between being religious and being spiritual
  • Live your life and wellbeing on your terms
  • Define your brand of spirituality
  • Adjust your overall health with spiritual practices to aid in a more fulfilling life
  • Add and apply new tools to assist yourself and others

Seven Spiritual Keys to Wellness

Wellness is an inside job. It all starts within ourselves and is reflected outward. A wise person once said that to find love in another we must find love within ourselves. To have peace on earth, we each must be at peace within ourselves first.  So, what are the Spiritual Keys to Wellness? The seven keys are aspects and virtues that are within each of us and have somehow been misplaced or put on a shelf for later, or just out right forgotten. These are the keys that are important for creating a fulfilling healthy and spiritual well life.

Learn How To

  • Work on yourself from the inside out
  • Embrace and integrate the inner aspects of yourself which you may have forgotten, misplaced or lost
  • Empower yourself to be the best you
  • Truly walk your talk and lead by example

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