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It is so important to BE in the moment…

Often times, we are so busy doing that we miss the true experience of life and being in the present moment, an essential element to lasting health and wellness.

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As we go about our day-to-day life, we find ourselves overwhelmed, barraged and bombarded with a plethora of thoughts, emotions, situations and interactions. When we learn to be present, truly present, the cacophony of white noise is minimized and we begin to see clearly and become more in tune to HEAR clearly and allow ourselves to listen to our inner guide, our intuition.

Learning to be present is an amazing achievement that begins with your FREE guided meditation, but what else do you need?

  • Maybe you are about to have surgery?
  • Possibly you’ve experienced a traumatic life event, be it physical, emotional, mental or spiritual or have received a less-than­ ideal diagnosis?
  • Whether health-related or not, like so many, you quite possibly feel like you’re at a crossroads or just feel stuck or lost…

You need to know “YOU’VE GOT THIS!”

Dr. Fazzino is here to help.

If you have EVER thought…

  • What’s next for me?
  • How do I make it through this?
  • Where do I go from here?

If you have EVER felt…

  • Lost, unsure, worried
  • Fearful, trapped, frozen
  • Off kilter, out of whack, imbalanced


“Dr. Fazzino was instrumental in the success of not only BOTH my surgery AND recovery, but also in my overcoming debilitating fears around my work. If you have ANY questions, just start with one session… you’ll see that she can help you find the answers.”

• Find the true root cause of your physical ailments or illness
• Address the unexpressed emo­tions trapped in the body creating disease or illness
• Heal ancestral lineage beliefs, emotions, and trauma interfering with one’s ability to heal
• Uncover the thoughts and beliefs contributing to disease and illness
• Reconnect with Inner Knowing­ness, the spiritual aspect of our­selves, to make aligned decisions for our health and wellness

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