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Intuitive Healer, Powerful Coach, Motivational Speaker

Dr. Dolores Fazzino is both supportive and insightful.  She is truly gifted with incredible psychic gifts.  She has an amazing ability to see into another person’s psyche.  Her advice is always helpful and sensible and I always feel better and more optimistic after speaking with her.

Diane Cramer

When I scheduled a healing session with Dolores, I was not sure exactly what to expect. I went with an open mind and the courage to heal. Her gifts and her ability to tailor the session to my exact needs were truly a blessing. I left feeling pain free, with specific suggestions for my self-care and a simple exercise on forgiveness for those who had hurt me in my past. I slept soundly that night and the next day I awoke with a renewed sense of optimism feeling better than I had in awhile. I highly recommend Dolores to anyone looking to improve how they feel physically, mentally or spiritually. She is truly one-of-a-kind, a very special woman and gifted healer.

Dr. Kimberley Bell PT, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Vestibular Specialist, Yoga Teacher

I am 6 months into recovering from breast cancer surgery, chemo, and radiation. I have checked out okay.  I was about to start chemo when Deloris told me to place a post it note on the chemo bags saying For Wellness and Health, Love and Light.  Of which I did each time I would go for treatments and never thought of anything but that during the treatment and afterwards. It helped me get through the treatments and set my mind and spirit in the right direction of thinking wellness and heath, with the added energy of Love and Light.  I did the same for when I was going through radiation.  I plan to continue to have good news each check-up. I use the same message when blessing my food.  I am thankful Deloris appeared when I needed her. She helped me get through the treatments with those simple words.  I use them when I take a pill too. She is admired and respected by many, including me.

Janet Klug

I absolutely loved the Radiant Soul Retreat. Dolores is such a beautiful and compassionate teacher that leads with her heart. She is there for you with her wisdom and grace. Dolores guides you to overcome limitations and blockages from living an authentic, vibrant life. She is keen with insights, loving in her approach, peaceful in her demeanor. She sets the tone for an amazing unfolding. The timing and the pacing of the retreat was divinely guided. We moved through teaching, processes, meditation, energy clearings in a blink of an eye. And Dolores does everything first class... from the gorgeous setting at the Omni Resort, the candles and flowers in the room, the delicious Healthy Creations meals, the Kangen water. the gracious gift bags, the informative workbook. She paid attention to the finest detail. It was such a wonderful environment that she created. It was an intimate setting with questions answered. I loved opening with meditation and closing with a fire ceremony. I learned how to clear cards, wrap myself in a loving pink bubble of energy, stay grounded, be present, stay in my heart, feel my way through life. I loved the trinity connection of self-love, self-worth, and self-respect. I can't wait to receive my love letter to myself next year. What an amazing journey of growth! My heart is expanding, and my soul is evolving. And I'm forever grateful for Dolores creating this amazing Radiant Soul Retreat and meeting other like-minded beautiful souls on this path. I can't wait for her next retreat and I highly recommend that you join us for the next one. Until then, keep shining your bright light beautiful, radiant souls.

Jennifer Gremillion Passionate Screenwriter, Life Scripts Author/Speaker, Inspirational Blogger

Dolores Fazzino is a highly talented and powerful coach and healer.  My work with her quickly revealed blocks, resistance, and very startling awarenesses that serve well to illuminate the next steps on my path.  Dolores potently and lovingly encourages and supports my releasing of that which no longer serves allowing momentum to build.  Dolores can help you give yourself the opportunity to receive.

Pete Diver Oceanside, CA

Our group had such a positive response when Dr. Dolores spoke. One of our attendees actually said, ‘I could listen to her all day!’ Another commented on how amazing she felt after listening to Dr. Dolores speak. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg… the feedback was overwhelming positive and everyone seemed to take away something valuable and perfect for them. Thank you, Dr. D.!

Shonna Jordan Owner Good Ol’ Gals Business Connections

My session with Dolores was so powerful on many levels. The John of God crystal bed session was extremely healing as I was looking for a new modality to support me with energy hygiene as well as releasing emotions that were not serving me and the crystal bed did exactly that. Dolores has this beautiful nurturing demeanor that makes you feel held and supported before and after the crystal bed session. Further, her intuitive abilities are extraordinary. She knows exactly what you need to hear in order to aid you in ascending your level of consciousness.  I would recommend Dolores to an old soul looking for a safe, nurturing environment to aid in one's growth and evolution.