What Differences Are You Making for Your Life in 2015?

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Another year ends and a new year begins. Make the most of your life each and every moment. We are given life and often take it for granted. Many have experienced just how precious life is, and how quickly it changes in an instant.  
Though incredible, each of us is in charge of our life and what we do with it, whether we choose to accept this or not. We create our own reality based on our attitude and how we handle life’s situations that are presented before us. “Situations” or “things” are not done to us. On some level we have chosen or created these events either consciously or unconsciously to assist with our soul’s growth. It is often easier to blame others and become a victim to the situation than it is to empower ourselves to find the gift or lesson to be learned from the experience.
What differences are you making for your life in 2015?
I am not talking about New Year’s Resolutions that are gone by the end of January, but personal adjustments to last a lifetime. Make 2015 the year of yourself by getting reacquainted  and reconnecting with those parts of yourself that have always been there, but may have taken a back seat in your life. 
I challenge you to make a commitment to yourself to love yourself and keep your heart open not matter what is occurring in your world and environment. Keeping an open heart softens and transforms lives, not only yours, but others as well. Create a love-based reality for yourself and those around you. By doing so you will manifest miracles, healing, and acceptance of others and most importantly yourself. You are the key that opens your door!1383674_10152262909620435_155323226_n
Wishing you all an incredible New Year filled with Miracles of Love, Promise, Hope, and Joy!