Destressing the Holidays: Three Keys for a Stress-Free Holiday Season


And yes, the holidays are here once again! I know people who have already put up their Christmas trees and Halloween was just last week, What is up with that?

It seems that everyone is in a rush to get this year over for some odd reason. We are going through the motions as if we are trying to get somewhere and not enjoying the journey to get there. 

For some, the holidays are a melting pot of emotions, stress, anxiety, anticipation, and disappointment.  Others are in self-created pressure cookers of trying to please others, being perfect, over extending ourselves emotionally as well as financially, and having expectations and unfulfilled expectations. Does that sound like you?

Pressure Cooker

The best gift you can give yourself this holiday season is the Gift of Self-Care.

What is Self-Care                                                                                   

Self-care is about taking care of yourself first instead of placing yourself at the bottom of your to do list. No, self-care is not about being selfish.  When you are nurturing supplying your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual needs you are filling your cup up first. You gift to others from the over flow of your cup. When you give to others from the overflow of your cup, you rarely feel depleted, exhausted, and or resentful.

3D Care Self Crossword

Here are Three Keys to Self-Care for the Holidays (and any time of the year!)

1. Live in the moment and give yourself permission to be spontaneous.

Be selective on where you want to spend your time and energy.

Give yourself permission to not attend an event or change your mind about it.

Be true to yourself and do what you feel like doing instead of feeling obligated to go.

Keep your sense of humor! If you loose that it is all over!

2. Surround yourself with those that love and support you, set boundaries

Sometimes the holidays bring out the  “not so best in others”.  

Family dynamics become interesting at holiday celebrations. The stress that we place on ourselves heightens emotions. Add alcohol to the mix and things escalate to another level.   

Remember that you are in charge of how you react, and you are not a victim. If things get out of control, you have a choice either to stay or leave. 

Celebrate with those who love, appreciate, and support you!       

Young Girl Is Relaxing After Christmas Stress

3. Be grateful for everyone and everything that you have in your life.

When I think of the fall season and the upcoming holidays, it brings me to a time of inner reflection.  I reminisce about all the things that I experienced both good and not so over the last 12 months. Remember that all experiences are gifts, no matter how they maybe perceived by us.

Journal about what you are grateful for, start with 3 things a day.  When you break the routine of doing, and go into gratitude mode, you are being. When you are being you are focused in present time and truly in experiencing life in the moment.


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