Three Keys For A Successful Surgery

You or your loved one just learned from your Surgeon that YOU NEED TO HAVE SURGERY! It’s not a question any more … it’s your new reality! Does that just scare the #*$^#@ out of YOU?

Your thoughts, feelings, and emotions are running through your mind and body. It is overwhelming, anxiety provoking, stressful and sometimes downright scary! You stay positive and strong around others to convince them (and yourself) not to worry, but the truth is, deep inside the very thought just scares the “begeebers” out of you!

IMG_0092-573-300x202The good news is you are not alone. Your thoughts, feelings, and emotions are normal responses for many undergoing the surgeon’s knife.


As someone who has assisted on over 9,000 surgeries at top San Diego hospitals, prepared patients have positive experiences and results. Research shows preparing for surgery decreases anxiety, stress, and pain; you heal faster, need less pain medication, and return to work and life even sooner.

Three simple and powerful keys are:

  1. Breathe! When we are anxious, under stress, or in pain, the normal tendency is to shallow breathe. Deep breathing allows oxygen rich nutrients to nourish the body promoting healing.
  2. Attitude Keep a positive attitude and a sense of humor for a better outcome.
  3. Get Support Work with an experienced Medical Advisor or Surgical Coach to create a personalized blueprint and toolkit to maneuver through your surgical experience.

My services are not for everyone, however if you are new to surgery and feel daunted, and wish to have a smooth surgery with reduced pain levels, connect with me and discuss how I can support you.

Dr. Dolores Fazzino, DNP, Nurse Practitioner, Medical Advisor, and Surgical Coach, empowers people through surgery. Find out more: