The True Meaning of Christmas

It’s another beautiful day in Encinitas, CA. And on this Christmas Eve day, I spent the afternoon in reflection at the Self-Realization Fellowship Chapel contemplating the meaning of Christmas.

The love  you feel and carry within yourself is the true meaning of Christmas. It is accessible always, not just during the Holiday Season. Sometimes we forget and look for it outside of ourselves in material things, or in other people to fix us and make us complete and whole. Yet that love and completeness is within ourselves and our true birthright. We are complete and whole, sometimes we have just lost our way. Christmas is a reminder to reconnect to our birthright of that love and peace, which we have always had, but may have forgotten about. 


True Meaning Of Christmas

The pureness, the unconditional love, the innocence of the precious new born baby in the manger, are all qualities that we each have within ourselves, and are available to us every moment of our lives, only if we choose to access and embrace them. Christmas, the birthday of Jesus, is annual reminder that we are those qualities, I believe that is his gift to us. 

Wishing everyone an amazing Christmas full of miracles and love!

Many Blessings,