Key Two: Walk Your Talk–With Integrity


Do you know people in your life that say something and do another? Or are you that person?

Are you a chameleon always changing your colors or your story to fit the situation?

Continue to do this long enough, and you will find that you continually will be telling white lie after white lie to cover up, and then you will not know what you originally said, sound familiar?

Integrity in word collage

Humanity is entering a time of great transparency. We are witnessing this in the corporate world as well on an individual level. The days of incongruency with our words and actions are coming to a end. Many of us are now able to tell whether we are being told the truth or being lied too. 

Learning to be your true authentic self is about being in integrity with yourself and your soul. We all know when we are out of alignment with ourselves. We may feel that out of sorts, or not ourselves.

Being in integrity includes keeping your appointments and promises as well!! Saying what you mean and meaning what you say.

Better yet, do you attract situations where this is happening to you? If so, you may consider looking at what is happening within you. There maybe something that you are doing either consciously or unconsciously that is creating this in your world. 

We are constantly creating our reality based on our beliefs, thoughts, and or actions. Quantum physics suggests where our attention is placed is what we create. Meaning that if we are focusing on negativity or fear, we will create more of that within our lives. The opposite is true as well. If we focus on love and positive thoughts, we will create more of this. This also applies to our unconscious thoughts and actions too.  

A quick way to shift this is to focus on what you want to create. Half the battle is knowing and acknowledging that you want to make the change and that what you are experiencing is no longer appropriate for you and what you want to create and experience for yourself.

Having integrity in our lives is about being in integrity with ourselves.  

Here are some mini keys to having more Integrity in your life:        

1. Conduct a personal inventory. 

  •                                 Are you happy with yourself? 
  •                                 What would you like to experience more of?
  •                                 What would you like to change?

2. Take time to reflect on how you show up in your life.        

  •                                  Do you keep your appointments or do you not show up for                                                                                                        them.  
  •                                  If you do not show up, to do follow-up and let the party involved                                                                                                 that will not be able to make it?
  •                                  Do RSVP for a party verbally or by written invitation and then                                                                                                   never show up and or notify the host of your change of plans? 
  •                                  Really, was your intention not to go at all, but you said yes to be                                                                                                nice.  If so, where else does that show up in your life?
  •                                 How do you experience this in your life?
  •                                 Do others do this to you and how does that make you feel?

3. Do you have a tendency to overextend yourself out of guilt, obligation, fear, or lack of boundaries?

  •                                 Do you feel obligated to say “YES”, then feel resentful?
  •                                 Do you feel guilty when you say “NO”? 

4. Learn to say “NO” and mean it!

5. Say “YES” and mean it

6. Make commitments and honor them. And if you are not able to fulfill those commitments, don’t disappear, man or woman up and let the other party know.