Key Three: Healthy Boundaries


healthy boundaries 1

Are you sensitive and have a tendency to take on other peoples feeling, emotions and ideas?

Do you feel that you do not know where your energy ends and where someone else’s begins?

Do you feel exhausted when you are around certain people, and do not know why?

It could be that your boundaries are enmeshed together… you are not clear where you end and where the other person begins.  This can cause much confusion and drama in your life, because you are taking on other peoples “issues and stuff” as your own. Rather exhausting don’t you think?  And it is happening on an unconscious level!

Once you realize that this is happening, then you can change the pattern and you are no longer unaware or unconscious of it happening.

There are all types of boundaries….

  • Physical, which are visible, such as a fence.
  • Non-Physical such as mental and emotional, which are invisible.

Physical boundaries are similar to a yard that is fenced around the periphery of the property. You know where your property ends and your neighbor’s property begins.

Non-Physical boundaries like mental or emotional thoughts or beliefs are not as defined as physical boundaries. There is more of a waxing and waning, or ebb and flow aspect to them.

Remembering that everything is energy whether it is visible or invisible, sometimes the boundaries are difficult to discern.



Here are some mini Keys to creating and having healthy boundaries:

  • Take a personal inventory
    • Have there been or are there situations in your life where you feel that you do not know where you end and the other person begins?
    • Do you ever feel exhausted when you are around certain people and not know why? 
    • Does your mood or energy fluctuate, such as feeling depressed or sad suddenly and not sure why, since you have no reason to feel that way?
    • Does your work involve working with others, and you feel drained and exhausted with your work?
    • Are you a healer, caregiver, or care provider and feel depleted after working with clients instead of rejuvenated?
  • The good news is that once you are aware that is is happening, then you can do something about it and change this process.
  • Imagine yourself surrounded by a big clear bubble of protections. 
    • Infuse the bubble with a light pink color.
    • Just be with this for several minutes. Know that the pink boundary of the bubble will provide unconditional love and acceptance, and define where you end and where the other person begins.
    • Allow the unconscious as well as the conscious parts of ourselves to have clear boundaries and no enmeshing.

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