Key Six: Reflection


Zen stones in water

Do you take time to “smell the roses” in your life?

Or are you constantly running a race to get through your day or better still your life?

What are you grateful for?

Do you enjoy your own company or are you avoiding being alone with yourself by distracting yourself so you do not have to be alone?

Life is fast paced and time seems to continue to move faster and faster. Is it an illusion or is it really happening, you know time speeding up?

Taking a moment or a brief time out from your day gets you out of your own way so that you may connect with your inner knowingness.

A crucial key for Spiritual Wellness is to connect with yourself, the inner knowingness of who you are. The inner you is who has all the answers that you are seeking outside of yourself. When you connect with yourself in silence, you are getting in touch with the real you, your long lost best friend.

Make it a daily practice of sitting in stillness.  Be it in your home without distractions or out in nature. Let your senses lead you, close your eyes, listen to the sounds of nature, the birds, wind, waves crashing on the beach if you are at the beach, and feel the sensations that are in your body. Lose yourself in the silence and your sensation. This is where time stands still.

Sunset 20150103_164836

I invite you to take this step, and unplug from the world for at least 20 minutes a day. Turn your cell phone off, turn off the internet, email, and other social media.  Plug into the richness of which you are and experience your senses. Be of a grateful heart for all the wonders and amazing experiences that you are and are having. By being grateful, this creates and draws more positive opportunities to you.

Imagine that, you may even start to enjoy the silence and stillness!

Here are some mini keys to having more Self-Reflection in your life

  • Become your own best friend. Spend time with yourself either through meditation, yoga, running, or walking in nature.
  • Things to contemplate
    • How am I “being” in the world?
      • Not what you are “doing” in the world.
    • How would I like to “Be”?

Create a list of what qualities you would like to have or encompass within yourself and your life. Such as kind, generous, more accepting etc….

  • Now become the list you created
  • And Show up in your life!


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