Key Seven: Showing up in Your Life

Showing-up in your life…That’s where the magic happens!!

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Are you showing up in your life? Or are you too busy to do so?

How are you showing up in your life?

Did you know that by not showing up in your life the opportunities you may want do not align with you and that you miss the boat? Better yet it is like driving through life with the emergency brake on! Have you ever done that?

I sure have and you probably have as well.

What stops you from showing up in your life? Is it fear, low self-worth (not feeling worthy of it), or worrying about what everyone else thinks?

These are great questions to ponder and reflect on.

Showing up in your life is “beyond the ends of your comfort zone.”

Start small…take baby steps or just take a big risk!

Put yourself out there and take a chance…Your confidence will soar and will allow you to continue on this path of magic.

When you commit and show up in your life, I will guarantee that serendipity, magic and alchemy will occur.

Being completely ok with yourself, loving yourself, respecting yourself, and accepting yourself are some of the keys to showing up in your life as well as the keys to spiritual wellness.


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