Key Four: Self-Respect and Self-Worth

Overhelmed Young Woman

Here are some questions to ponder and reflect upon:

Are you feeling that you have to ask for permission to do everything in your life?

Or, that you are staying in a job that you know your should leave because you are not following your passion but your paycheck and benefits?

Or, Are you in a relationship that is no longer satisfying and gratifying?

Or it is an abusive one and you stay because you are afraid of being alone and something is better than nothing, or you are relying on this relationship for your financial security?

If you know someone who is like this or this sounds like you….

Take a deep Breath…

Congratulate yourself…because you may have now realized for the first time in your life that this may be you and that you have choices and can create something different!

Self Respect is like a boundary within a boundary. It is setting limits as to what one would tolerate and what one will not.

Self-Worth is how one feels about themselves and what they feel that they deserve.

Both Self-Respect and Self-Worth go hand and hand together.

If you have a poor self worth and tend to give your personal power away to others, you may not have great respect for yourself and vice versa. If you have no respect or lack self-respect for yourself, you may have a low self-worth. Even though I believe that there are shades of grey in most situations, I feel that there is a strong correlation between the two.

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Here are some mini keys to having more Self-Respect and Self-Worth:

Take a personal inventory

  •  Are you in a situation where you are not being respected? List those
  •  Are you in situations where you feel unworthy and not good enough? List those        
  • Are you in a relationship with others who abuse you either physically, mentally, emotionally, and or spiritually?
  • Are you being bullied?   
  • And if you stay, what is the reason for doing so, is it financial security fear of being alone? 

Reclaim your personal power  Do you give your power away to others either consciously or unconsciously because you do not feel:  

  • Good enough
  • Worthy of all the good that you desire? or
  • Lovable?                                                                                                                                                                              It’s time to reclaim and believe this!

Clean your physical and mental house

Did you know that your physical home, the place you live matches your unconscious mind, your beliefs, and emotions which are housed in your mind and heart?

Also, your physical house aligns to what is going on an unconscious level within yourself. Is your house neat and orderly? Or is it messy, cluttered? Our living environments reflect what is happening in our life. Are things stuck and stagnant in your life or are you stuck in an old pattern or belief system? If so…Time to move that stuck energy clean out your house and closets!

               Clean and clear out the closets in your home…Get rid of the things that you no longer use, clothing, furniture, knic-knacks, if you have not used it in the last 2 years, or you absolutely do not love your things….time to donate, recycle, or gift to others who may need or may use them.

               Emotionally and Mentally                                                                                                                                                             Do this same exercise with your business associates, friends, acquaintances relative, etc.- Do these people support you and bring you closer to your personal goals? – Do they drain you and are burdensome, and not matching your purpose or where you want to be? – Are they negative and fear-based?       – Are they positive and love-based? – Make a list of those who support you for being your true authentic self, are kind to you, and are your cheerleaders. – Surround yourself with these people fore you will become more and more like those that you surround yourself with.                                                                 

Remember Like attracts Like! Do what you can to bolster your self-esteem and how you feel about yourself.

Make a list of your behaviors and belief

  • Are they serving you?
  • Are your beliefs respectful?
  • Are your beliefs worthy or not deserving?
  • With your personal inventory, you will gain clarity and know what you need to focus on, keep in your life, or remove or change in your life.

Know that as you clean out your personal associations, house, and physical closets you will create a void. The universe loves voids, it allows for something else and better to fill the energetic space that was created by eliminated the clutter of the physical, mental, and emotional.

So now let’s fill that void with something of our choosing…maybe supportive people with strong healthy boundaries, who have self-respect and great self-worth.
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