Journey to Brazil- John of God

As I prepare and pack for a 12 day pilgrimage to experience the many miracles that occur at the Casa de Dom Inacio de Loyola, where John of God assists 1000’s of people daily, I feel that my journey has already begun.

Its funny how that happens, once you make a commitment to go, the experience and adventure begins at that moment. It is as if the universe cooperates and everything falls into place almost magically. Often in my case, it has to do with my next personal and spiritual growth opportunity.

As part of my journey, just before Easter, I had been awakened at 7 am each morning by a bird who continued to tap at my window, until I literally would get out of bed. As I moved into my living room the same bird would start to tap at my living room window. It was as if it wanted to get my attention some how. This happened over the course of a week, and at one point, the bird brought another bird, and both of the birds would be tapping at my window.

My intuition had been picqued, since 10 years prior during the San Diego wild fires, another bird had done a similar behavior. At that time, one person perished in the fire and her sister was in the ICU at a local hospital on life support due to being burnt over 80% of her body. I was asked to minister healing and a intuitive reading for the sister at the hospital, and the deceased sister was there communicating with me, she had sent the bird to tap at my window.

I realized that this time the bird definitely trying to tell me something. The next thing I knew was that a picture that I had of my parents in my office, fell off the bookshelf where it had been for a very long time and fell to the floor. As I went into the office, after hearing the crash, and I then realized that my mother’s spirit attempting to get my attention. She was the first bird. When she brought the second bird, I knew it was my father’s spirit. I thought something must be up, was it possible that someone was going to make their transition, or was it something else.

After checking in with my siblings, I realized that this probably had something to do with some unfinished business with me. With the help of my mentor, I was able to connect with my parents, who indeed were wanting my attention. They shared with me that as we have been learning our lessons on earth, that they too have learned and grown on the spirit side. They both had a different perspective on how they lived their lives here on earth and wanted to heal our relationship.

I was able to express to them all the things that I wished I could have said as a child to take my power back in a loving and compassionate way. The interaction was love filled. My mother and I made our peace with each other and she moved on. However, my father was lingering. I asked him what he needed from me. He responded, forgiveness. I forgave him and asked him for forgiveness as well, he then was able to move on with my mother.

This experience has been extremely liberating. As the healing occurred, I could feel the ripple move through our family tree for many generations to allow healing, and also healing of mass consciousness as well.