Facing Surgery, Post-Op: Making the Most of It

Surgery is never an easy thing to deal with. Even the most minor of procedures can be stressful and, to be honest, do always carry some risk. However, with proper care and attention you can effectively prepare for your procedure.

But while many people might focus most attention on preparing for the days leading up to the procedure, it is also important to remember that there will be a period after the operation which should also garner some consideration.

Post-Op: Making the Most of this period

For example, even the smallest procedures can be, at the very least, uncomfortable or even painful and this can make the recovery period difficult. Thus, you should be prepared with the right medications. Again, if it is a minor procedure, your doctor might simply request you take mild, over-the-counter drugs. However, they might give you stronger narcotics.

Your doctor might also prescribe you other medications depending on the operation. Perhaps they anticipate nausea or difficulty with certain bodily functions; and of course, taking any medication carries a risk for side effects.

It doesn’t matter which drugs you take, you should use this time to rest.

This is actually the most important thing you need to do after an operation: rest. While medication might make you feel less pain or could make it seem like you are doing better than you are, your body still needs to recover.

While rest is easily the most important thing you need after an operation, you might also find that healthy food helps too. Eating healthy foods (and getting enough water) can help your body to recover more quickly and more evenly. Perhaps your doctor might have suggestions for this aspect; perhaps even recommending light exercise, yoga, massage, or other forms of alternative healing that might speed you along.

Remember that the post-op period is your time and you should try to avoid stress (like work or even certain social events) so that you focus on healing.