Are You Taking Time For Yourself?

In our busy days the last things someone wants to hear is that “You need to take time-out for yourself”. We all know this on some level, yet we fail to do something about it until we are stopped in our tracks, and then we absolutely have to listen. Are you one of those people who know this yet continue to ignore those gently probes that the universe sends you? Believe me you are not alone!

Life has continued to become faster paced, as if some one sped up the treadmill that you are walking on. We have deadlines, goals, expectations equaling more stress, anxiety, and imbalance in our lives. At times we are so caught up in the business of “doing life”, instead of “being in life and being life”.Sound familiar? I thought so.

These are the times, those moments that we are so caught up in our lives, reacting to life, instead of being in life. Those moments are opportunities to ask and reflect, is this all there is to life? I know the last thing someone wants to hear is that “you have to take time out and spend some quality time with yourself”. Your response would probably be something like, “are you kidding me, I do not have time” or ” there is not enough hours in the day to get all that I need to do to get done”.

As counter intuitive as this may seem, by taking the time to spend with yourself, you are giving yourself a gift to reconnect with your inner essence, your spirit. The added bonus in this is that when we do this, our lives begin to balance, more gets accomplished in less time, and we are living and being in the moment!

Surprisingly, when we spend time with ourselves, be it in mediation, reflection, or silence, we are connecting with our inner essence, our inner wisdom. Just taking a short 30 minute reprieve from the world, and entering our inner sanctuary, allows us to recharge, rejuvenate, and reinvent ourselves in ways that we could not imagine or comprehend. And the most beneficial result is that we become the inner calm of the storms of our lives.