911: Remembering and Reflecting

MORRIS PLAINS, NJ-SEPT 11: Tiles that read 'Never Forget' lay wi

Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.”   – William James

Over time, humanity has experienced many massive growth opportunities.  These include natural disasters such as plagues, floods, droughts, earthquake, tsunamis, erupting volcanoes, and tornadoes to name a few, and man-made disasters such as war, holocaust, imprisonment, and terrorist activity. 

During these times of major strife that lead to hopelessness, there is a shining light of hope. This hope manifests in masses of humanity coming together to aid each other during our most challenging times. It is unfortunate that it takes something of a great magnitude to create a shift in people’s consciousness, to wake people up! It is human nature to react to circumstances, to give assistance, and to want to make things better.  
Over the years, I have moved from my young understanding of the presence of invisible forces to a belief that sometimes humanity makes great sacrifices to advance civilization. There really are no mistakes, only lessons.  Even though many lives may be lost, the souls who perished in these disasters, both natural and man-made, were active participants, and, in fact, this experience may have been part of their karma, to assist in the advancement of humanity. This idea eliminates the need for blame and judgment of others. However, our egos are bent on making someone pay for our difficulties, even though they are assisting in the advancement of humanity.  Each of us is connected to one another and human suffering affects us all.  There is no way that it cannot do so.
The terrorist attacks on the United States, September 11, 2001, are an example of this. The events of that day have completely changed life for many on multiple levels.  I believe that something of this magnitude had to occur to allow for a shift in consciousness. The souls that were lost in this tragedy were there on purpose, whether or not they remember planning this prior to this incarnation. They are true warriors assisting in the evolution of spirituality. It is with deepest and sincerest gratitude and humility that I recognize these souls, and their families, loved ones, and friends that were left behind.
At the time, the events of 9/11 were raw and very real for me.  For the next two weeks, I lived in a fog, asking, “Did this really happen? Was it just a dream?  A really bad nightmare?”  I recall that no one could believe that this had occurred, let alone in the United States. Everyone seemed paralyzed. We all witnessed the entire country’s belief system come to a complete stop in a matter of minutes. There was much tension, fear, and worry.
How could this possibly have happened here in our country, and what would happen next? Many thought this should be happening in someone else’s back yard, not ours. The reality was that it was happening here, and that no one was exempt from the effects of mass destruction.
Everything became frightening.
What occurred two weeks later changed my life forever. On September 29, 2001, I was in Northern California at a ranch in Lake County. At the ranch there is a labyrinth, which is a large walking meditation grid. This particular one was constructed outdoors.
The purpose of the labyrinth is to bring us closer to our core as we walk the pathway, a metaphor of one’s life journey. The path assists walkers to circle inward toward the center of their soul. Once at the center one moves towards a goal (a petal on the Rose) allowing one to release emotions that have been carried within in order to create or envision a solution as one turns around and works his or her way back to the outside or beginning of the labyrinth.  It is a left-brain to right-brain process or a shift that occurs when one walks the path.
 Labyrinth 2
I began my walking journey after reciting an invocation. On my journey I felt a presence with me. It was a strange yet familiar feeling. The essence of my kind grandfather, who had passed on when I was four years old, was present. The warmth I felt was comforting. My grandfather’s energy had come to me before in my past when major spiritual experiences or initiations had occurred in my life. Because of those prior experiences, I was alerted that something big was about to happen and trusted and accepted that.
I continued on my walk.  As I approached the center rose, I was drawn to the areas of the rose that symbolized the human and the angelic.  As I reached the rose petal for angelic, I immediately felt something pulling at my crown chakra, attempting to bring my attention somewhere else. I immediately centered and grounded myself in my body and then allowed part of my consciousness leave my body to journey three thousand miles away to the remains of the World Trade Center. I was quietly awed as I became conscious that I was in two different places, miles apart and fully present in both simultaneously. I experienced an overwhelming feeling of sadness. Tears flowed from
my eyes effortlessly.
To be present in spirit at the World Trade Center and feel the devastation and loss of life that had occurred was so horrific that I was inconsolably sobbing. The energy from this event was still very much present. I sensed that because this event occurred so quickly and suddenly there was much chaos in the unseen dimension as so many souls and spirits were crossing over at once, and that a few had not yet made that transition to their home. These souls were lost in transition, so to speak, because of the confusion.
There were three souls who were lined up looking at me. As I gazed into each of their eyes, I felt these spirits were having difficulties crossing over to the other side.
The first spirit was a tall man with light brown hair, a well-groomed professional, probably about the age of thirty-four. He told me that he was concerned about his family and could not leave them. He had a young family at home and was worried about them. I reassured him and told him that his family would be cared for and that they would be all right. He said thank you and moved onto the white light.
The second young man was about twenty-seven; he had darker hair and was a little shorter. He said to me, “Teach me how to fly, I forgot how to.” The tears were continuously pouring down my face, as they are now as I reflect back and write. I guided him through this process and he flew off into the white light.
Lastly, a beautiful young woman about the age of twenty-three appeared in front of me. She had the most stunning long black curly hair, delicate face and eyes. She also asked me to teach her how to fly, because she did not know how. So I instructed her and she moved toward the white light.
This entire experience took me aback. In that moment I realized that there was more to my mission on this earth than I had imagined. I was honored to be of service to these souls to assist them back home.
My awareness then shifted back to where my physical body was in Northern California at the labyrinth; I continued to walk out of the labyrinth. At the end of my journey,  I turned around to say a prayer of thanks and witnessed three butterflies flying together off into the sky.  
Three Violet Blue Butterflies, Isolated On White
According to Native American totem symbology, butterflies are symbolic of transformation, metamorphosis, and the courage to change. I had
witnessed three souls being transformed as they crossed over to the light.