7 Spiritual Keys to Wellness

 Key One:  Self-Love

 I Love Me

We are unable to love another if we do not love ourselves first. There is a reason that airlines say that “In case of a drop in cabin pressure, place your oxygen mask on your face first and then help and assist others with theirs.”

We were taught as a youngster to put others before ourselves or take care of others first than ourselves. And if we thought of putting ourselves first we were described as being “Selfish”. Does this sound familiar? I thought so.

Worry not…by loving yourself first you are not being selfish! It is mandatory for your overall wellbeing and spiritual wellness.

You are learning one of the foundational keys to spiritual wellness. When you take care of yourself first, you give to others from the overflow that you have created for yourself instead of running on empty and depleting yourself, then becoming resentful, angry, and crabby.

What are you doing to create more self-love for yourself?

Here are some mini keys to having more self-love in your life:

  • Schedule some time with yourself to do whatever you would like to do
    • Read that book you have been meaning to read
    • Take that one hour long bath
    • Schedule yourself a spa day for the full “Monty”: mani, pedi, massage, and facial


  • Learn to say “NO” without guilt and mean it!
  • I invite you to create the time daily to sit in silence, even if it is only 10 minutes to start with. Start here and continue to add another 5 minutes in a week, and another 5 minutes in another week. Do not worry; your world will not collapse if you take time for yourself. You may find that by doing this you can actually accomplish more in a shorter period of time.