3 Keys to Mindful Manifestation

There has been much talk about manifestation and the proper way to manifest. In the book The Secret, the law of attraction is discussed, yet a there seems to be a missing key. Many have found just by creating a list of what they desire has not brought them much success with manifestation of their desires and wishes. Read on for the import missing key to manifestation!

Law of attraction in word collage

Merriam-Webster defines Manifestation as “a perceptible, outward, or visible expression”. I would add, “of an inward desire or belief”

Manifestation is occurring faster and almost instantaneous today. Before you have an opportunity to complete your thought process, viola, it is created! Has that happened to you? I thought so!

The law of attraction works with the frequencies or energies of things, ideas, places, and or people. All of these mentioned are made of energy. Some vibrate at higher frequencies, some at lower frequencies. How that law of attraction works is by like frequencies attracting like frequencies, thus manifesting what is aligned with what our frequencies are broadcasting.

Here are 3 Keys to assist you to Mindfully Manifest in your life!

Key 1 Create a list of what you want to manifest

Be specific in what you want to manifest and create. The mind knows no different. Get detail oriented. The universe will give your exactly what you ask for and what you do not ask for as well!

Key 2 Be aware of what you tell yourself

Be aware of your self-talk: what you are calling yourself in your mind, how you talk about yourself to others, etc. Whatever you are saying establishes an energy or frequency that is essential in manifesting. If you are talking trash about yourself or being hard on yourself that is the energy you are creating from. Remember, like attracts like!

Key 3 Become the list that you created

 This is the essential key to manifestation and the one that was not included in The Secret.

The list that you created, be it for a relationship, a career, a home, or item, has an energy or frequency to it. Usually it has an energy or frequency that is vibrating higher than where our frequency or energy maybe vibrating at. (Remember, like attract like). 

The important step is to become the frequency or energy of the list that you desire to manifest. When you sit there and do nothing, you will get nothing. The frequency of the desired subject of manifestation and you are at two different point, thus Ships passing in the Night.

You may ask, now how do I make this happen and raise my vibration and frequency? Surprisingly it is very simple and easy, use your imagination, feel what is would feel like to have that in your life already, and continue to become the feeling of the desired manifestation. Allow your intuition to lead you, even though it may make no logical sense. When you do this, you are showing up in your life and allowing the magic to happen! 

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