Not Feeling Well? Address It. It only Gets More Costly

IMG_6612-619If you are not feeling well it is important to get the appropriate care. But how do you know what kind of care you need?

That is a very good question.

When you are sick, it can seriously interfere with your life. You might have to miss work or school or social events. Of course, it can also make it very difficult to pay attention to your family and friends.

But the most important thing to consider when you are not feeling well is how severe your symptoms may be. This is actually a question that your doctor will ask you when you go to see them anyway!

So, the first thing you want to do is assess the severity of your symptoms. Are you experiencing pain or discomfort? This is the difference between a broken bone and indigestion. The former is painful and the latter is uncomfortable. Of course, if your indigestion is ALSO painful, then you can tell your doctor that the symptoms are pretty severe. You will also need to determine how much pain or discomfort you are feeling. Is the pain dull or sharp? Is it shooting or throbbing? Etc.

Once you determine the severity of your symptoms you need to determine the most appropriate course of action. If the pain is not very strong, for example, over the counter analgesics or acute care medicines might be fine. You can always visit the doctor if these medications don’t work.

After you see your doctor, though, you can discuss which preventative measures you can take to avoid certain conditions. If you have heartburn, for example, changing your diet or drinking more water could be enough to prevent the symptoms from occurring. If you experience headaches, dehydration might also be an issue, as well as diet or even simply too much stress.