Breathing New Life into Patient Wellness

Our current healthcare system is laden with gaps in the delivery of care to not only patients, but to those who provide the care. Within those “gaps” are infinite possibilities and solutions, often in ways you never thought possible, and even showing up in a different way. Dr. Fazzino created Recovering Healthcare as a platform to offer solutions to bridge those gaps in healthcare.

In your lifetime, have you witnessed a tremendous advancement in technology?
In particular, the way healthcare is delivered? Does it feel like something is missing? With the many gaps in healthcare, the personal connection has changed, and not for the better.

This has led to two problems for patients:

A basic human need is nurturance. Without it, just like a plant without care, love, watering, and support, it withers and slowly dies. Without the nurturing we humans desire and thrive on, both unconsciously and well as consciously, a slow death occurs as humans are closed off from others.

Another issue that is prevalent: most of humanity has given its power away either to others or to some external situation, particularly in healthcare, stripping away one’s sense of control over their own future and destiny.

The difference lies in taking ownership of YOUR health and wellness.

Recovering Healthcare reintroduces the lost art of compassionate connection through empowering ownership of health and wellness as well as teaching healthcare providers how to enhance their bond with patients, improving the quality of patient care.


Establishing heart-centered connections and being fully present in the moment with a patient enhances trust and grows love. Heart-centered connection is a lost art in healthcare. The primary cause is the advancement of electronics and technology in the delivery of modern day healthcare. There is an overall tendency to focus on tests and machines instead of really looking at the individual patient to determine an accurate diagnosis.

Dr. Dolores Fazzino believes the skill of connecting while examining patients has been trumped by the impersonal aspects of advanced technology and electronics. Develop a deeper individual connection with your patients, appreciate, and connect heart to heart.

Dr. Fazzino is available for organizational consulting, staff education and development of institutional programs and policies. Bring your doctor-patient experience to the next level.

Dr. Fazzino offers individualized and group coaching programs for people who are undergoing surgery, life altering healthcare issues, and personal and professional crises, bringing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of ourselves in alignment to allow for maximum healing potential and possibilities, and moving beyond surviving to thriving.